[ti:Still On Your Side] [ar:BB Mak] [al:创世纪II 完结篇] [00:00.00]BB Mak 《 Still On Your Side 》 [00:06.01]词: 曲: [00:07.56] [00:08.04]I'm still on your side [00:13.40]You found a place where you belong [00:15.65]New friends that can do no wrong [00:19.38]That's what you believe [00:23.90]But who is going to be there when you fall [00:27.06]To build you up when you're feeling small [00:30.62]Give you love that you need [00:34.64]Who will I will [00:40.33]When the whole world turns against you [01:40.02][00:43.71]Ain't no lie Don't you know that [02:30.86][01:42.80][00:46.54]I will stand up for you no matter [02:35.12][01:46.14][00:50.01]what you're going through [02:37.30][01:49.11][00:52.92]I'm still on your side [02:42.10][01:54.34][00:57.99]Any time day or night Don't care it [02:45.73][01:58.04][01:02.00]its wrong or right I'm still on you side [01:08.24] [01:09.43]You want to run you want to break free [01:12.23]What you want ain't what you need [01:15.83]Can't you see that I care [01:20.62]I know I'm hard on you sometimes [01:23.22]But when you're looking for the things [01:25.44]that you can't find [01:27.26]Don't you know who'll be there [01:31.04]Who will I will [01:36.89]When it's more than you can handle [02:04.55]I'll be there I'll be there [02:12.47]when you need me I won't let you go [02:18.55]There's nothing that I won't do [02:21.42]I'll be there [02:53.45]I will be around when then others let you down [02:59.76]I'm still on your side [03:04.72]Anytime you need help and you can't find nobody else [03:33.46][03:22.21][03:10.65]I'm still on you side [03:37.35][03:26.03][03:14.65]